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Syd Prioritizes Love On “Sweet,” A ‘Broken Hearts Club’ Standout

The singer forgoes "clubbin'" and "frontin'" as she details the discipline of devotion.

Since When Is A Good Black Man Considered “A F**king Square”?

When you know better, you do better, so Ciara chose to "Level Up."

“Leave The Door Open” Is More Than Just Record Of The Year, It’s Pastiche Perfection

Silk Sonic's Grammy dominance punctuates an otherwise underappreciated aspect of their songwriting.

Will Smith’s “Just The Two Of Us,” And The Protection That Comes With His Love

Following his Oscars outburst, we remember Smith's earliest image as a man devoted to his family.

“Church,” And Why Mariah The Scientist Deserves More Grace

How unfair social media narratives can impact the way an artist's music is received.

Beyoncé’s “Love Drought,” And Whether Heartache Can Exist In A Love Song

Revisiting the 2016 track and a debate between our Sr. Music Editor and one of his college students.

Normani Lives With Love After Heartbreak On “Fair”

The reluctant popstar's latest single attempts to reconcile love and bitterness.

Mary J. Blige’s Family Affair Doesn’t Need To Include Having Kids

Let's celebrate our queens for their growth and success instead of worrying about their wombs.

On “Ego,” Lucky Daye Balances Self-Love And Selflessness

What results is by far the most thoughtful song on 'Candydrip.'