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Pap Chanel Reps For Southern Women In Hip-Hop At VIBE And Def Jam’s 2023 SXSW Showcase

"I'm glad to be a part of this history that we are making right now. And I know for a fact we finna take…

Jordan Peele’s Fourth Movie Set For Holiday 2024 Release

The follow-up to 'Nope' has been mysteriously kept under wraps.

Rick Ross’ Busy Buffaloes Annoy His Neighbors, Cause Concern For Children

His neighbors are looking to take the matter up with the city of Fayetteville, GA as a civil dispute.

Denzel Washington In Final Talks For Role In ‘Gladiator’ Sequel

Washington and director Ridley Scott last teamed up for their hit movie 'American Gangster.'

Kenan Thompson And Kel Mitchell Reveal Timeline For ‘Good Burger’ Sequel

"Its been years. Pretty much since the first one, we wanted to do two."

Coco Jones Details Embarrassing Moment She Mistook E-40 For Busta Rhymes

"My manager goes, 'Girl, that's E-40.' I was so mortified."

Djimon Hounsou Feels “Cheated” By Hollywood, Believes He’s Never Been “Paid Fairly”

"I still have to prove why I need to get paid," Hounsou expressed.