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Widow Of Haiti’s Assassinated President Allegedly Speaks Out In Audio Message

"We cannot let his blood … have been spilled in vain," pleads the voice in a recording shared on…

Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Permanently Suspended

The outgoing POTUS has also been blocked from Facebook and Instagram.

Photographer Mel D. Cole Captures The Madness of The Capitol Hill Raid

In the fire pit of rage, Mel D. Cole documents the wild mob that took over Capitol Hill.

Barack Obama Says He Doesn’t Like The Term “Defund The Police”

The former president noted that he supports criminal justice reform.

Activist Cori Bush Becomes Missouri’s First Black Congresswoman

“From the streets of Ferguson to the halls of Congress.”

Baltimore Elects Its Youngest Mayor Ever In Landslide Victory

36-year-old Brandon Scott made history on election night.

Busta Rhymes Performs For Voters Outside Apollo Theater On Election Day

The rapper linked with Funkmaster Flex for a Joy to the Polls event in Harlem.

John Legend Calls Out Rappers Who Support Donald Trump

The Grammy winner says Lil Wayne and other Trump-supporting rappers are in the "Sunken Place."