Movies & TV

Kobe Bryant Sparks Debate On Twitter Following His Oscars Nomination

Members of the Me Too movement rehash Bryant's 2003 rape allegation after he was nominated for an Oscar this year.

Music News

Fat Joe Claims New Artists Are Copying Lil Wayne’s Flows

"Lil Uzi is a bad version of Lil Wayne."

Movies & TV

Jada Pinkett Smith Defends Mo’Nique Following Netflix Boycott Demands

"You don’t have to agree with her boycott, but don’t allow all of that to make you blind..."

Music News

50 Cent Apparently Made Millions Off Of Bitcoin Before It Was Popular

The rapper reportedly was the first artist to accept payment for 2014 album, and now he's reaping the benefits.


Mike Dean And Dice Soho Are Ready To Bring Generations Of Houston Rap Together

The legendary Houston producer has found a new star.


Despite Rumors, Tide Isn’t Getting Rid Of “Tide Pods”

Throw the whole "challenge" away, not the pods.


Michigan Teen Sends Death Threats To CNN Employees, Called Them The N-Word

The teen later apologized in court and blamed the incident on his issues with mental health.


Jill Scott’s Estranged Husband Reportedly Wants $500K For “Pain And Suffering”

Jill Scott and her estranged husband, Mike Dobson, have remained entangled in a sticky divorce that's making headlines again.


Woman’s Dismembered Body Found In Pots And Pans Atop Ex-Husband’s Stove

A state security spokesman said "It is presumed that she was cooked"


Migos’ Love For Female Fans, Generational Wealth & Other Gems From Their ‘Rolling Stone’ Cover

They’re a part of the new generation of rock stars, so it makes sense.


J. Holiday Takes Shots At Beyonce, Cardi B, And SZA Over Content Of Their Music

"Stop using that f*cking pain to make it okay to say some bullsh*t on your record and get nominated for a Grammy for going through…


Spotlight: Rap Snacks CEO James Lindsay On Building A New Marketplace For Hip-Hop

The man behind the infamous hip-hop chips speak out.


Man Receives 30 Year Sentence For Raping And Killing Teen On Her Way To Church

It took a Dallas jury just seven minutes to convict 37-year-old Antonio Cochran.
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