Movies & TV

ABC Pulls Ayesha Curry-Hosted Series, ‘Great American Baking Show’

Should the entire show have been scrapped?


Oh Boy: XXXTentacion Charged With Eight More Felonies

This adds to the already seven counts the Floridian has been charged with.


Interview: T.I. Formerly Introduces The New & Improved Hustle Gang

The Atlanta king is reintroducing his team with a few new faces in the mix

Music News

JAY-Z Shares Heartwarming Moment With Cancer Survivor On ‘4:44′ Tour

The rapper is spreading love the Brooklyn way this year.


Bronx High School Set To Close After Fatal School Stabbing

After one student was stabbed to death, a Bronx high school will close its doors at the end of the school year.


LeBron James Creatively Stands Up For Equality During Wizards Game

"Equality is all about understanding our rights, understanding what we stand for and how powerful we are as men and as women, black or white,…


Russ Finds The One He Wants In His “Wife You Up” Video

There's a certain young lady that Russ just can't take his eyes off of.


Tavis Smiley Says ‘Something Is Awry’ Of The PBS Sexual Misconduct Investigation

The PBS talkshow host says his relationships were all concensual.


Jaden Smith Climbs Mountains For His “George Jeff” Video

Young Jaden spits his rhymes from a high place.


Janet Jackson Surprises Atlanta Crowd With Special Guest Missy Elliott

Janet called on her good friend for a performance of "BurnItUp!"

Music News

Coolio Fears Eminem Will Be Killed Over Dissing Trump

The veteran rapper suggest Eminem has a target on his back after publicly threatening the president and his family.
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