Music News

Round 2: Chris Brown Responds To Soulja Boy, Challenges Him To A Few Rounds In The Ring

Think this will die down by noon? Yeah..neither do we.


Migos Visit Africa In The Vibrant “Call Casting” Video

Migos had the time of their life in the motherland.

Music News

Young Thug Will Be Joining Drake On His Upcoming ‘Boy Meets World’ Tour

The European tour kicks off in Amsterdam on January 21st.


HBCU Band Allegedly Participating In Trump’s Inauguration

Should HBCUs participate in closing out Donald Trump's victory?


Barack Obama To Deliver His Farewell Address In Chicago

One last time, our president is black!


Dog Mauls Family After They Tried Dressing Him Up In A Sweater

Most animals do not like to get dressed up, no matter how cute you think it is.


Dave East Reflects On His Success With A D’Angelo-Inspired Song, “What A Year”

Dave East reflects on his successful year in his last song of 2016 "What A Year."


People Are Losing Their Minds Over Orlando Brown’s Leaked Sex Tape

And unsurprisingly...he leaked the tape onto his own Instagram page.


POTUS Highlights All The Achievements Of His Presidency On Twitter

Translation: He dropped ALL his receipts.


Un-be-leaf-able: Someone Changed The Iconic Hollywood Sign To “Hollyweed”

The state's new marijuana law seems to have inspired a new year's prank.


Travis Scott Kicks “Worst DJ” Off The Stage, Continues The Job Himself

You know what they say: if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.
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