Herman Cain Thinks ABC Was Looking For A Reason To Cancel ‘Roseanne’

Herman Cain thinks ABC is using Roseanne Barr's recent racist gaffe as a cover up for canceling the show.


Rihanna Celebrates Victory Of Barbados’ First Female Prime Minister

Rih Rih congratulates Mia Amor Mottley on a historic win.


Donald Trump Said America’s Ancestors “Tamed A Continent”

When rape and genocide gets rebranded...


Net Neutrality: With The Internet As DAWN’s Major Label, Her Indie Journey Comes Into Question

"The Internet is my platform." For independent artists like DAWN (formerly of Danity Kane and Dirty-Money), the World Wide Web provides endless opportunities for…


Candace Owens Is Elated Kanye West Likes The Way She Thinks

"Kanye West please take a meeting with me."


Sen. Chuck Schumer To Introduce Weed Decriminalization Bill

“It’s time to allow states, once and for all, to have the power to decide what works best for them.”…

Music News

Snoop Dogg Won’t Be Bashing Donald Trump Anymore

"It’s not about a negative energy."


Trump Requests Extension On Filing 2017 Tax Return

The president has reportedly moved his deadline back to Oct. 2018.


A New Bill Could Lower The Voting Age To 16 In Washington D.C.

“They pay taxes, and yet, they can’t exercise their voice where it matters most -- at the ballot box.”


Eric B & Rakim Endorse ‘Sex And The City’ Star Cynthia Nixon For Governor

The actress and political leader is reportedly running for Governor of the State of New York.


Winnie Mandela, Apartheid Activist, Dies At 81

"She succumbed peacefully in the early hours of Monday afternoon surrounded by her family and loved ones."


Stacey Dash Ends Bid For Congressional Seat After One Month

The 'Clueless' actress had been running as a Republican in California's 44th District.


Texas Mother Sentenced To Five Years For Voting In Presidential Election While On Probation

Crystal Mason says she didn't know her voting rights had been stripped away.


White House Calls Police Shootings Of African Americans A “Local Matter”

"The President is very supportive of law enforcement, these specific instances, those will be left up to the local authorities."
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