Cleveland Browns Respond To Reports On Interviewing Condoleeza Rice For Head Coach Job

In its entire existence, the NFL has yet to hire a woman for any general manager or head coach position.


Robert Kraft Is Optimistic That Colin Kaepernick Will Return To The NFL

Kraft also addressed the report that the New England Patriots are interested in signing Kapernick.


Serena Williams And Virgil Abloh Spark Controversy Over GQ Cover

You'll never guess why  people are mad now.


NBA Players Call For Action Against Gun Violence By Wearing “Enough” T-Shirts

NBA players continue to take a stand against mass violence that plagues the country.


High School Football Player Dies One Week After Breaking Neck In Game

Jeremiah Williams fractured his vertebrae while attempting a tackle.


Migos, Ludacris And More To Perform At EA Sports’ Pre-Super Bowl Concert

The concert will feature performances from A-Town's biggest musical stars and take place days before Super Bowl LIII.


Derrick Rose Swells With Emotion After Scoring 50 Points

The momentous occasion (Oct. 31), was met with tears and emotion from his Minnesota Timberwolves teammates and other athletes.


LeBron James’ ‘Shut Up And Dribble’ Trailer Highlights Sports History’s Political Moments

The three-part documentary will analyze and revisit sports history's most political and social moments.


Fight Night: Joe Louis And The Match That Changed Everything

The Brown Bomber was in a constant battle for financial freedom.


Colin Kaepernick’s First Piece Of Nike Merch Sells Out Immediately

As soon as Nike premiered their first piece of Colin Kaepernick merch, it immediately sold out.


LeBron James Says NBA Cares Community Assist Award Should Go To His School’s Students

For his philanthropy off the court, LeBron James was bestowed with the NBA Cares Community Assist Award on Thursday (Oct. 25).


Fists Of Fury: Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul And Brandon Ingram Brawl During Laker-Houston Match

Reportedly Rajon Rondon, Chris Paul, and Brandon Ingram will all receive suspensions.


Amy Schumer Joins In Protest Spirit, Turns Down Super Bowl Ads

Amy Schumer supports Colin Kaepernick by pulling out of any and all Super Bowl ads.
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