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E-40, BJ The Chicago Kid, Casey Veggies & Omarion Dish On Flying In Style With Footaction

Fashion is very subjective beast when it comes to figuring out what’s fly — and what’s not. And no matter what you like, style is also just as important to one’s individuality and personal identity. It can almost give you an idea of who someone is.

Footaction recruited a team that includes E-40, BJ The Chicago Kid, Casey Veggies & Omarion for their Free Flow: Fly Style campaign.
These four artists linked up for a four part series featuring some very intriguing conversations on various topics. These guys — in particular — will be talking about travel, style, and the differences between how they dressed back when they were kids versus the way they get fresh now.

Before the launch, VIBE managed to round up the fellas and chop it up about modern fashion, their personal style, and more. Most of these guys have spent their summers traveling between festival stages, red carpets, appearances, studio sessions, and more; so with summer winding down, Footaction invited them on a quick cross-country journey back home to the West Coast for one last “hooray” before they head back to the grind for the rest of the year.

Omarion and Rick Ross
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E-40, BJ The Chicago Kid, Casey

VIBE: How was it to connect with a group of rising talent from a veteran’s perspective?
E-40: I had a great time out there with everyone involved. It was all good vibes. It was natural, too. I really got love for all those youngsters. We kicked it like we had known each other forever. Really, it was just fun times.

You’re somebody who has been in the rap game way before all this social media stuff. When you were coming up, you had to do everything with just flyers, stickers and street teams.
We used to have to do all promo manually, really. You had to get in your car and drive state to state to promote your music. It was by hand, and shipping things through the mail and UPS. Even when we recorded, there was no emailing songs and verses. We had to meet the artist in the studio for real. Now with the push of a button you can reach a billion people. Everything you need to learn is pretty on Youtube, too [laughs].

Definitely, and from watching the Footaction video, fans from all over the world can order all the gear they saw online.
They definitely can because all the gear we had on is carried at Footaction. Back in the day, we used have to match colors. Now, you can have on a checkered shirt with some polka dot jeans on [laughs]. Yhey ain’t trippin… and I love it all.

E-40, BJ The Chicago Kid, Casey

VIBE: So tell me about the mini-documentary that you, Omarion, E-40, and BJ The Chicago Kid are featured in by Footaction.
Casey Veggies: It’s just that they went and gathered these dope artists together from different walks of life– and experiences all together — and showed that we all have one thing in common,which is being original and having our own style. I think that with Footaction, they love to bring people together in unison to all represent what we have in common.

What were some of the things you realized you have in common with each of the artists?
E-40, Omarion, BJ the Chicago Kid, we all just be ourselves, we’re all just our own person. We were always having conversations during the shooting of the commercial, and we just all clicked. We were all cool. Me and E-40 — that was our first time hanging out, but we really just connected and we had that connection because we were into similar things when it comes to the music and how we represent ourselves and how we just want to be portrayed as. It’s just the state of mind we’re in.

E-40, BJ The Chicago Kid, Casey

VIBE: What has it been like working with Footaction so far?
Omarion: It’s amazing because they are a true representation of what it means to have an everyday style. They have so many brands attached like Adidas, I actually just recently saw Hustle Gang, so they like to introduce the cohesiveness and the comradery between dressing a certain way and listening to a type of music.

It’s like covering two areas of style, so Footaction is awesome for that. And for athletes as well, because you know, a fellow like myself, a lot of the time I like to get up because I have a specific regiment and I like to go to the gym or go run. So because I like style, I like to stylishly go run or stylishly do my things.

Footaction always serves to have those nice pieces—a plethora of different waves and different color waves. You could go there and just get lit on your everyday “I’m going to work out” swag. That’s what Footaction is about.

How has your style changed since becoming a dad?
I guess the joy of having children is like the joy of seeing a mirror. It’s like, when I look at my kids, I see myself. So it’s super cool to like get that kind of reflection. It reflects on my style with it with this type confidence that I’m responsible for another human being. So, for me, solid colors are really important. That’s like my take on my personal style now. I’m a lot more confident. I feel good.

E-40, BJ The Chicago Kid, Casey

VIBE: How would you describe you experience with the Footaction brand?
BJ The Chicago Kid: I’ve been a big fan of the Footaction brand for a long time. Since I was a little kid really. I always love working with them on projects that cross fashion and music. Honestly, I think they had their eye on me [laughs].

It felt like there was a heavy West Coast presence at the shoot.
Yeah, it was dope! It was the the first time I met E-40 but I’ve known all of the guys for a while now. So it was great to catch up and have fun on set, it’s not always like that. 40 is like the O.G. that gives you game when you are around him.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is relaxed more than anything. Comfort is more imporant to me. Then it comes to textues and things of that nature, but I like to keep it pretty simple and complex at the same time. Simple Complex [laughs]

(Reporting by Mark Braboy, Jenelle Taylor & Luria Freeman)