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Photographer Christina Paik Lives By Film In A Digital World

In our social media driven, digital world, shooting photos with film has become a thing of the past for most photographers. From concert shooters at Coachella to the fashion photogs in Paris — more often than not — they’re shooting with a DSLR camera and a memory card.

Realistically, who can really blame them though, we’re living in an age where historic print magazines are folding to rely solely on their digital properties to sustain the brand. They say you to have to change with the times or get left behind, but for some, doing things the ol’ fashioned way still feels right.

“I would never call myself just a fashion photographer because I like taking pictures of people, but it’s more about the portrait itself. Fashion is just an accessory,” says rising photographer Christina Paik who chooses to shoot strictly with film.

Her work has already been championed by artists like the A$AP Mob, Anderon. Paak, Skepta — and fashion giants like Virgil Abloh and his brand Off-White. She’s been shooting visuals for Mr. Abloh’s company for the past several years as it grew to be respected by finicky fashion circles around the world. Paik has also worked on a number of projects with adidas and various lifestyle magazines/websites.

The twenty-something year old prides herself in being her own toughest critic all while never being too shy or proud to ask for help when it’s needed. “I created this team of people across the world and everyone handles a different field,” says Christina about about a revolving cast of creatives she likes to call Paik Studio. Collectively, they produce shoots, consult for brands and offer a variety of creative services for clients in all mediums.

Photographer Christina Paik Lives Film Digital World

As a photography student at Parsons in New York City, she had both a taste for the fine arts and streetwear. However, she craved experiences outside the classroom, and left school early to spend 4 years in Paris honing her skills and sharpening her eye for photos. At times she admitted to feeling “not inspired at all” about the fashion scene, but says she’s “more passionate about supporting artists” over anything. With her team, Christina just wants to create the best work possible all while “seeing other people kick ass.”

Using photos the same way a painter uses a brush and canvas, her images tell stories and capture emotions — something missing in this new school of “point and shoot” shutterbugs. With her portfolio expanding, witnessing the world through her lens is just something you have to experience to understand.

The faces, settings and styles vary tremendously throughout her work, but there’s an sense of naturality that connects her images. Christina’s photos never seem forced or enhanced with a lot of photoshop magic. It’s this nostalgic feeling that brings admirers of all age groups to her work.


Fans of Christina’s work can look out for an upcoming book project from the photographer. She will be releasing ‘Meufs’ later this year — a collection of some of her favorite work.

Stay tuned for launch info with events in Seoul and Tokyo.