J. Balvin Issues Apology For Saying “Rihanna Is A Woman You Don’t Marry”

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Rihanna’s career has allowed her to grow as a musician, expand her wings into a businesswoman with her Fenty Beauty brand and philanthropy with her many causes. Despite her many accolades, Columbian reggaeton singer J. Balvin reduced the Grammy-award winner to just her lady bits, when he claimed the entertainer isn’t a wifey material.

For context, the singer appeared on SirKazzio’s popular Portugese YouTube series where he engaged in a game of “F**k, Marry (House), Kill.” Other women in the mix where his “Machika” collaborators Anitta and Jeon. While Balvin didn’t want to kill any of the women, he decided he’s marry both while demoting Rihanna to a “good time.”

“Rihanna isn’t a good woman to marry, just fool around,” he said. He also suggested that he wouldn’t kiss her because of her past suspected relationship with Drake. The game has been played various ways, but suggesting that one isn’t worth marrying stings on multiple levels.

Just a few years ago, Jhene Aiko played the same game with LA’s Power 106 FM, where her options were J.Cole, Drake and Big Sean. The singer chose to kill J.Cole, but gave a polite answer without tarnishing his character. Miguel also played the same game with the radio station in 2014 and ironically between Jhene Aiko, Kelly Rowland and Nicki Minaj made the choice to “f**k” Nicki, but also didn’t throw any insults her way.

Balvin’s comments were met with laughter by the host and met with scrutiny online. Members of Rihanna’s dedicated navy found social media postings where Balvin even jokingly asked to marry the entertainer.


In an statement to The FADER, the singer’s team explained that his comments were taken out of context. “J Balvin has the utmost respect for Rihanna, which he has stated multiple times in interviews – repeatedly naming her as one of the artists he would most like to work with one day,” it reads.

“In this particular case, which is being taken out of context by some, a Brazilian video Blog interview requested he answer two rounds of Kiss, Marry, Kill. J Balvin lightheartedly choose his two recent ‘Machika’ collaborators Anitta and Jeon as his ‘Marry’ responses because he knows each of them well – leaving only the ‘kiss’ or ‘kill responses remaining. He would no more wish to show any type of disrespect to Rihanna, as he would wish harm on the other names presented.”