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Fetty Wap’s 2015 VIBE Cover Story (Page 3)

Fetty Wap's 2015 VIBE Cover Story

How do you respond to critics that are already labeling you a one-hit wonder?
Which one of my hits are they talking about? I got a couple of them out [laughs].

[Laughs] Word. You’re kind of like the underdog, though I even think you’re an inspiration to disabled kids to believe they can be anything they want.
Technically, my eye is a disability. I just ain’t never been the type to accept not trying and sitting on my ass. If I wanted to, I could go downtown and register for that disability check, and just wait for that money every month. But I never did that, never been on disability or any of that. And, you can check the government records on that. Real talk, my first check was from FedEx. I worked there for two days.

You couldn’t take it?
It just wasn’t for me. I couldn’t take people telling me what to do and shit. My next job after that was Popeyes for a week. And that’s only because I was eating it [laughs]. I was right back in the trap after a week. But I knew I wasn’t meant for any of those jobs or the trap.

What was life like when you dropped out of high school? I’m sure your mom wasn’t all for it.
My mother didn’t really know at first. In the morning, I would just leave every day. At first, I didn’t really care about shit. I was just selling weed, but things started to get real. I got robbed for my stash and hit in the head with a gun. I’m not going to lie, it just made want to trap harder. It just meant next time you better not just hit me with the gun, you better use it. I got caught slippin’.

You call your block in Paterson (12th and 22nd) “Harlem,” because it represents money being made and the flashiness associated with that New York neighborhood. That’s crazy because there are folks that were born and raised in Paterson but never even visited Manhattan. Do you feel like you’re a role model now for kids in your hood to want more out of life?
Nah, I just feel like I’m different. I don’t follow anybody in anything I do. I mean people used to be scared to come up to me. But it’s all different now. I don’t really know, bro.

Fetty Wap's 2015 VIBE Cover Story

Well, you also came up selling all your own music and merchandise on the streets of Paterson. What motivated you to hit the pavement like that?
I was selling my mixtapes, T-shirts, hoodies – everything I could get to flip my money and help get the music out there. Right there in Downtown Paterson on Broadway and Main Street. I was even sending my mixtapes out to my cousins in South Carolina and Georgia. If you a real hustler, selling stuff ain’t hard. I just knew how to move. I wasn’t even trying to get money from my music at the time. I just wanted people to listen. My tapes really started selling themselves. People would pull up like, “How much for that CD? I need it.” But at first we were just giving them out.

I grew up in Jersey as well, so I know the crabs-in-a-barrel mentality Jersey heads can have is very common. Was there a lot of hate from local dudes?
Even after I got the support of my city, there was people hating here and there. People were doubting me and just talking shit. But that’s everyday shit. Really, Bobby Shmurda reposted my song on Instagram first and made things really start to take off. Then I think Rihanna posted it. Then I did the show with Kanye.

With all of your recent success, I do feel that you move with a certain level of cautiousness. I think you know this could all be taken away from you in one day. Do you feel like you always have to have your guard up now?
It’s because everybody out there ain’t like me. There’s a lot of people that just think for the moment. Somebody could take $10,000 from me, but they’re just going to have that money for the moment. As soon as they spend it they’re going to have to do that shit again. And, their chances might not be the same next time. You don’t know what I might do.

Someone might want to get a name for themselves by being the guy that ‘robbed Fetty Wap for his chain.’
The only problem with that is that I don’t wear jewelry [laughs].

But seriously, you mentioned Bobby Shmurda . He’s someone who was in a very similar position as you last year, and now he’s sitting in prison. I can imagine he’s watching your success with a feeling of regret.
I wouldn’t say it like that. We’re some young hood niggas that lived a certain lifestyle, and there’s consequences that come with that. Right now, he’s doing his time like a G. When that’s over, he’ll come back out and move on. Sometimes you can be far, far away from the hood and this type of shit still follows you. Really, I believe if you were a person known for violence — or every time you go somewhere someone’s gets shot and shit like that, then the cops will really be on you. At all my parties there don’t really be none of that shit. I don’t give the people the opportunity.

Did you have any Jersey heroes that you looked up to growing up?
Nah, I do my own thing. I don’t really look up to anybody. I just try to do what’s right for me. I don’t want to be like anyone else, or live in anyone’s shoes. I want to make my own thing.

Even with your “My Way (Remix),” Drake reached out to you first to get on it.
Yeah, my phone was literally dying every 10 minutes when he dropped that song. It felt like everybody in the world was tweeting the remix.

It’s like last year you were watching Drizzy on TV, and now you’re working with him.
A year or two ago, I ain’t even have no TV, man. The one thing I really appreciate about Drake is the way he asked me to get on my song. He could have just did a freestyle over it, or something like that. But I really respected that. For real, Drake is a real humble person, and I ain’t even get to meet him yet.

If you weren’t rapping right now, what would you be doing?
If I wasn’t rappin’… I’d be trappin. For real, though.

Did you have a Plan B if music just didn’t work out?
Rap is my Plan B. The streets was my Plan A, and that wasn’t working. Plan A was being a Trap God [laughs].

If you could smoke one blunt with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be?
Damn, that’s a hard question. Maybe if I could drink with anyone, it would be my grandfather. I know that was his thing, but I never got to meet him. He passed away like a year and a month before I was born. I’ve only met one of my Grandfathers.

Family seems like the most important thing to you. Even now, you have your entire crew with you in Miami.
They’re not just my niggas and friends; these are my brothers. I’m not playing when I say that. I want to help my family help themselves. I just try to do what’s right. Sometimes I do wrong, but I know I do more right than wrong.

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years?
I see myself living in a house in Georgia, watching my kids go to school every day. Sitting on my porch, looking at my cars, watching people ride past. It ain’t all about the money to me. I always knew how to make money. I just always want to be living good. That’s it. Some people work like 16 hours every day for their whole life and never get to enjoy anything. But I don’t want to do that. I just want to enjoy life.

Fetty Wap's 2015 VIBE Cover Story