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Undocumented Immigrants Show Resilience With #HeretoStay Hashtag

Immigration activists stood up against the racist joys of relief online after Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the presidential election Tuesday (Nov. 8). …


So, About That Trump Supporter Who Said Journalists Should Be Hanged…

Reporting in this time becomes critical in lieu of Trump's presidency.


Sacramento Kings Host Panel To Bridge Relations Between Law Enforcement And Community

"I think it was a beautiful thing, it was a positive thing and I think it was steps in the right direction, it won't be…


Martin Shkreli Leaks Wu-Tang’s ‘Once Upon a Time in Shaolin’ After Trump Presidential Win

The pharma-bro also plans to release unheard tracks from The Beatles and Nirvana.


More States Legalizing Marijuana Use Could Be A Sign Of Things To Come

California, Massachusetts and Nevada legalized marijuana.


Take A Breather & Listen To Ace Hood’s Latest Mixtape, ‘Body Bag 4′

The rapper returns with new 12 new tracks for your listening pleasure.


Jesse Williams Takes To Twitter To Offer Advice In The Wake Of Trump Win

Mr. Williams offers words of encouragement for those in need.


Rap To The Rescue: 6 Songs To Help Get Us Through America’s Nightmare

Music is always there for us, even when our government isn't.


President Obama Invites Donald Trump To White House To Ensure “Smooth” Transition

The president isn't taking Donald Trump's transition into the White House lightly.


Kamala Harris Makes History As Second Black Woman Elected To U.S. Senate

The Cali native has championed for the rights of children and more as the state's Attorney General.
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