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‘The Birth Of A Nation’ Fizzles In First Weekend At The Box Office

The powerful film only made $7 million over the weekend, (Oct 7) while opening in more than 2,100 theaters nationwide.

Live Reviews

The Night Alicia Keys Stopped Traffic In Times Square

Where Broadway and 7th Ave. nearly converge, eager fans filed into Father Duffy Square for Alicia Keys' surprise concert in the thick of the concrete…


Gina Rodriguez’s Award Show Turns The Spotlight On Young Women

“I want to infuse [the media] with heroes that look like them."


GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan Is Done Publicly Supporting Donald Trump

Following the resurfacing of the Trump Tapes, the GOP figurehead is the latest to rescind his support of Donald Trump.

Movies & TV

The Hamiltones Provide The Soundtrack To Trump’s “Grab ‘Em By The P***Y”

Leave it to the Hamiltones to provide a ray of sunshine during the 2016 election cycle.


Messiah’s Collaboration With 50 Cent To Mark A New Wave In Hip-Hop

Messiah is off the block and out in the world making major moves.


Black Bruja: A Beginner’s Guide With The Hoodwitch™

A small light in the shining darkness that is confusion about yoga, crystals, and the sage burning on your timeline.


Migos And Dirty Dave’s “Money Counter” Is Goin’ Up Again

South Carolina's Dirty Dave links up with his trap brothers for a new song.


Honor Student Fired From Movie Theater For Wearing Dreadlocks

Tyler House has now accepted a new position at a competing movie theater as Marcus Cinemas changes their dreadlock policy.


Voter’s Recap: 7 Noteworthy Quotes From The Second 2016 Presidential Debate

Before you head to the polls during this year's election, take these statements by each party into consideration.


Drake Breaks Michael Jackson’s Record For Most AMA Nominations

And Rihanna follows closely behind with seven noms.


Condoleezza Rice On Donald Trump’s Campaign: “He Should Withdraw”

The former Secretary of State says that Trump lacks the "dignity" and "stature" to hold office.


Mike Zombie And Benzi Ayo Tell Their ‘Ea$tside Story’

OVO affiliate Mike Zombie & Benzi Ayo rep their hometown with their new project 'Ea$tside Story.'


‘Apprentice’ Producer Says There’s Footage Of Donald Trump Using The N-Word

"I assure you when it comes to the #trumptapes, there are far worse."
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