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G-Eazy and Danny Turn It Up On “Bone Marrow”

These guys are bad to the bone.

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J. Cole Will Reportedly Follow Up ‘2014 Forest Hills Drive’ With Forthcoming Album

To round out a knockout of a year in music, J. Cole plans to add to 2016's discography with a reported new album titled 4 Your…


How Celia Cruz Would Have Reacted To Fidel Castro’s Death

"She represented the Cuban exile with dignity: a poor black woman who left Cuba and conquered the world."


Cirque du Soleil’s Michael Jackson ONE Embodies The King of Pop At His Best

MJ ONE is the amalgamation of sensory overload.


Skyr Is A Protein-Rich Yogurt Alternative That Gets You Closer To Your Body Goals

'Tis the season of hearty meals, unrestrained eating and thoughts of getting your body right. I admit it. The later haunts me every year at…


Oregon High School Student Says She Found Racist Notes In Her Binder

An Oregon girl who claims she's the only black female student in her school has found racist notes in her books twice since the election.


Without The Big Mac Creator, There’d Be No B.I.G. Mack

In light of McDonald's Big Mac creator's recent death, we honor his contribution to the hip-hop game.


Kanye West Has Reportedly Been Released From UCLA Medical Center

Kanye West has been released from UCLA Medical Center after more than a week of reports involving his unpredictable mental state.


Interview: Sammie Is Looking To Restore R&B’s Core With ‘I’m Him’ Project

A series of ups and downs hasn't stopped the singer from abandoning the music.


Vic Mensa Joins DAPL Protestors At Standing Rock

"if we don't take a stand at standing rock and stop BIG OIL polluting drinking water we could all be next."
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