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Vic Mensa Vents About Flint Water Crisis In “Shades Of Blue”

Mensa aims his most critical rhymes at the Flint water crisis.

Movies & TV

Nate Parker Leads An Uprising In ‘Birth Of A Nation’ Extended Trailer

The Sundance favorite is already drawing heavy Oscar buzz.


Tennessee House Candidate’s “Make America White Again” Billboard Causes Backlash

The sign was taken down and then repalced with another using Dr. King's "I have dream" written on top a white house surrounded by Confederate…


Remy Boy Monty Serenades “Her” The New Jersey Way

The Remy Boy rolls out a new music video.

New Releases

Jade De LaFleur Fires Off A Sultry Hook On “Shotgun”

Jade de LaFleur sparks up on her latest single, "Shotgun."

Music News

Barney The Dinosaur Raps Biggie’s “Big Poppa

Barney covers The Notorious B.I.G's "Big Poppa," in new music video.


YG Explains Why He Went Vegan In ‘Breakfast Club’ Interview

The Compton native explains why he stopped eating processed food on a new interview on Power 105.1.


NYC Subway Commuters Panic After Reportedly Hearing Gunshots

Commuters on the 2 train fought their way out as many thought they heard gunshots followed by screams.


Lynda Carter Goes From Wonder Woman To U.S. President

The new season of 'Supergirl' is chockfull of girl power.


Major Lazer’s Walshy Fire Talks With Comedian Jermaine Fowler At Firefly 2016

Fans of Miami MC and producer Walshy Fire — one-third of electro supergroup Major Lazer — bounced around the Toyota Music Den at the Firefly Music Festival all day, some…
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