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The History Of The Scottsboro Boys

The group of nine teenagers were wrongfully convicted of rape in 1930s.

T.I. Blasts Alabama Governor, Kay Ivey, Over Execution Of Nathaniel Woods

The Atlanta rapper joins a chorus of backlash against Ivey, including a petition demanding her immediate resignation.  

Alabama Man Freed After 36 Years For Stealing A Little More Than $50

Alvin Kennard will walk out of prison a free man after a judge reviewed his case, saw he served 36 years of a life sentence, and resentenced him to time served.

Pregnant Alabama Woman Indicted For Unborn Child’s Death After Being Shot In The Stomach

The charges against the shooter were dismissed, yet prosecutors are blaming Marshae Jones, who was five months pregnant, for instigating the fight.

Parental Rights Revoked For Alabama Residents Convicted Of Rape

Jessi's Law, which goes into effect Sept. 1, allows judges to revoke the parental rights of anyone convicted of rape. 

Azealia Banks Appears To Side With Alabama’s Abortion Legislation

"The problem today is that abortion is being used as a form of contraception rather than a last- resort option for terminating pregnancies."

Tomi Lahren Slams Alabama’s Abortion Law

Lahren, known for her conservative views, offered a surprisingly liberal take on the new abortion bans sweeping the country.

Rihanna Calls Out Alabama Governor Kay Ivey For Abortion Ban

Alabama has officially become the state with the most restrictive abortion law in the country.

Alabama Senate Passes Bill Banning Abortion, No Exception For Rape And Incest

The state's governor has not yet signed the bill into law.