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Amber Guyger

Amber Guyger Appeals Murder Conviction In Botham Jean Case

Guyger is currently serving a 10-year sentence.

Amber Guyger Takes Step To Appeal Murder Conviction: Report

The former cop was recently convicted of murdering Botham Jean.

Key Witness In Amber Guyger Murder Trial Found Shot To Death In Dallas

Joshua Brown was a key witness in the case against Amber Guyger. Friday night (Oct. 3) he was shot and killed in his apartment complex parking lot.

The Amber Guygers Of The World Don’t Deserve Black Forgiveness

How much social justice currency does that hug give the oppressed now?

Botham Jean’s Mother Says Son Hugged Amber Guyger To “Cleanse His Spirit”

Allison Jean says her son's actions shouldn't be "misconstrued" as complete forgiveness.

Amber Guyger Receives 10 Year Sentence For Murder Conviction

The former Dallas officer was found guilty of killing 28-year-old Botham Jean in September 2018. Today, she received her sentencing.

Jury Finds Amber Guyger Guilty Of Murdering Botham Jean

Amber Guyger faces a maximum of life in prison for the 2018 murder of Botham Jean. 

Amber Guyger Indicted On Murder Charge For Fatal Shooting Of Botham Jean

Amber Guyer, the Dallas cop who shot and killed Botham Jean in his own apartment has been indicted for murder. According to CNN, Guyer’s file including a mention of…