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Antoine Dodson

Antoine Dodson Would Help His Son If Gay

ICYMI, the gay man who once told America to “hide ya kids, hide ya wife, hide ya husbands because they raping everybody out here” has just had a son. Last week, Dodson…

Fails Of The Week: Antoine Dodson, SNL, Mack Maine And More

While everyone was sobbing to the sounds of Nothing Was The Same, these folks ended up in Fail Land. Check out the biggest fails of the week. Who: Antoine Dodson What:

Antoine ‘Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wife’ Dodson Expecting Baby With Girlfriend

It looks as if some congratulations are in order for Antoine Dodson. The vibrant YouTube star first rose to fame when Huntsville, AL news anchors interviewed him after…

YouTube Star Antoine Dodson Renounces His Homosexuality

The flamboyant YouTube star renounced his association to homosexuality and, once again, got in front of the media to discuss “praying the gay” away. Antoine Dodson

YouTube Sensation Antoine Dodson Renounces His Homosexuality

Hide your kids! Hide your…sexuality? He made headlines with his sassy reporting on neighborhood crimes, but Antoine Dodson is singing a different tune today. The YouTube