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Martin Lawrence And Will Smith’s May 1995 Cover Story: ‘Flippin’ The Script’

One big summer movie - Bad Boys. Two prime-time funnymen - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Teaming up to bust caps as well as guts, Smith and Lawrence are an odd couple o…

Missy Elliott’s June 2001 Cover Story: ‘Freaky Tales’

Within the context of this plastic, denuded TV landscape, Missy Elliott is a splendorous vision of cool.

Ice Cube’s March 1994 Cover Story: ‘The Devil Made Me Do It’

“Four years ago, he was “the nigga ya love to hate.” Now Ice Cube has a wife and family and has embraced the Nation of Islam. The original Boy N the Hood has finally move…

Michael Jackson’s June/July 1995 Cover Story: ‘ACTION JACKSON’

After making HIStory-his long-awaited new album/greatest hits package-Michael Jackson dresses up with Quincy Jones and his daughter, Kidada, for a fantastic voyage

From The Vault: Prodigy ‘H.N.I.C’ Album Review (December 2000)

A consistent MC, Prodigy builds on his previous work, defies audience expectation, and steadily increases his fan base with each accomplishment. His solo debut, H.N.I.C.

From The Vault: Prodigy, The ‘King Of Pain’ (November 2000)

It’s a beautiful day in the ‘hood, neighbor. A bright midsummer sun shines above New York’s Queensbridge Housing Projects. Just inside the entrance, tall maple trees…

From The Archives: Nas’ First-Ever VIBE Interview From 1994

It feels like yesterday when Illmatic was the buzzing album circulating the bootleg market everywhere from Corona to Compton… Ah, who am I kidding? I was just a…

From The Archives: Bruno Mars’ 2011 VIBE Cover Story

WHEN MARS ATTACKS! Seven Grammy nominations in, and Bruno Mars’ ego still hasn’t landed. Does he not know how good he is? No, he’s aware. Did he miss the chapter on his…