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Joe Budden Jumped Out Of A Plane In The Name Of ‘Rage and the Machine’

Joe Budden is here for the excitement and thrills of life! Now that the craziness of running down on Drake fans for pulling up at his crib has died down, Mouse has…

Domestic Violence Campaign Launches With Disney Princesses

Bruised and bloodied princesses remind us of just how ugly the face of domestic violence is. Artist Saint Hoax painted an abstract perception of our favorite Disney

The 20 Most Creative Recent Single Covers

Gone are the days when hip-hop and R&B artists would just plaster their face on cover art and call it a day. Employing more abstract imagery—like Lupe Fiasco’s “$nitches&#8221…

New Music: 808 Mafia ‘Certified Trap’ Volume 5 Mixtape (Download)

Certified Trap 5 is the latest instalment from the series that sparked the trap takeover, but this time it’s time to take it up a notch, hosted by 808 Mafia who have…