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azealia banks

Azealia Banks Responds To Backlash After Cooking Dead Cat

The 29-year-old rapper clarified that she didn’t cook the cat to eat it.

25 Hip-Hop Singles By Bomb Womxn Of 2019

From confident to conscious bars, these are voices in hip hop who shined the brightest this year. 

Azealia Banks Appears To Side With Alabama’s Abortion Legislation

"The problem today is that abortion is being used as a form of contraception rather than a last- resort option for terminating pregnancies."

Genres Aside, Here Are Our 25 Favorite Songs Of 2018

Keeping up with all of the music from 2018 was a full-time job, with loads of songs releasing every week and not enough ears to keep track. But the volume of music comes…

Azealia Banks Interested In Hosting Hex On Russell Crowe

It’s no secret Azealia Banks has bad blood with Russell Crowe, especially after the 54-year-old actor reportedly assulted her and called her racial slurs in 2016. Now…

2018 In Hip-Hop Proved The Powers (Both Good And Bad) Of Trolling

If there’s anything we’ve learned in the 21st century, it’s that attention of any kind can result in some sort of fame or reward. No matter how ridiculous or unwarranted…