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Bad Boys

Martin Lawrence And Will Smith Are Moving Forward With ‘Bad Boys 4’ Despite Oscars Controversy

Lawrence opened up about whether there are plans to nix plans for their next sequel.

Will Smith Celebrates 25th Anniversary Of ‘Bad Boys’

“We really putting this ‘for life’ thing to the test.”

Martin Lawrence And Will Smith’s May 1995 Cover Story: ‘Flippin’ The Script’

One big summer movie - Bad Boys. Two prime-time funnymen - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. Teaming up to bust caps as well as guts, Smith and Lawrence are an odd couple o…

Bigger Guns, Faster Cars And Funnier Jokes Are All In The ‘Bad Boys 3’ Trailer

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence return once last time for the action-comedy 'Bad Boys For Life' slated to hit theaters January 2020.

‘Bad Boys For Life’ Production Could Start Sooner Than We Think

Production of the next film in the Bad Boys franchise as early as next year. According to an exclusive by Variety, Bad Boys For Life may possibly get the official green…

Gabrielle Union, Jessica Alba Keep ‘Bad Boys’ Brand Alive With ‘L.A.’s Finest’

The Bad Boys movie franchise proves that the brand is strong as it became news on Friday (June 1) that Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba will star in a television series…

‘Bad Boys For Life’ Gets 2020 Release Date

Ever since Bad Boy II hit theaters in 20o3, fans have begged for a third installment of the action-comedy franchise staring Martin Lawrence and Will Smith. However, it’s…

Will Smith Wishes Martin Lawrence A Happy Birthday And Hints At A ‘Bad Boys 3’

Will Smith took to social media Monday (April 16) to wish fellow actor and friend Martin Lawrence a happy birthday. Smith posted an old Jet magazine cover of the both of…

Gabrielle Union Rumored To Star In ‘Bad Boys’ TV Spinoff

Although fans are patiently waiting for the rumored “Bad Boys 3” film to debut, they might receive a cinematic treat in the near future. According to Deadline, a spinoff…