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Ben Carson

Alternative Facts 101: 10 Lessons From Ben Carson’s School Of Thought

Ben Carson is hoping to make a mark as President Donald Trump’s secretary of Housing and Urban Development but instead has taken on the role of your rambling professor…

Strong & Wrong: Ben Carson Says Slaves Can Be Considered ‘Involuntary Immigrants’

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development head Ben Carson is doubling down on his comments on the definition of slaves and immigrants after he was met with truckloads…

Samuel L. Jackson Rips Ben Carson Over ‘Slaves Are Immigrants’ Comments

Ben Carson’s welcoming speech as the new head of  Housing and Urban Development was received with criticism and many thinking emojis Monday (March 6) after he referred…

Steve Harvey And Donald Trump Host Meeting To Discuss Housing Development

Family Feud/radio host Steve Harvey is the latest celebrity to attend a meeting with Donald Trump. The 59-year-old held a mini-Q&A on Friday (Jan. 13) with reporters in…

Ben Carson’s Reason For Not Joining Donald Trump’s Cabinet Is Pretty Hilarious

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson has decided against a cabinet position in the office of President-elect Donald Trump, citing his lack of political experience. The Hill

Ben Carson, In Real Life, Thinks Harriet Tubman Should Be On The $2 Bill

With the sincerest hope we’re taking this out of context, or we’re not privy to an inside joke, it appears as though former Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson

Ben Carson Accidentally Revealed The Real Reason He’s Supporting Donald Trump

Former Republican presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson made things thoroughly awkward when he let out the real reason why he’s supporting Donald Trump for president. In…

2 Chainz Explainz: Rapper Discusses Political Campaigns On ‘The Nightly Show’

Allow 2 Chainz to explain why presidential candidates suspend their campaigns in his very own segment “2 Chainz Explainz” on The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore

Is Ben Carson Dropping Out Of The Presidential Race?

Ben Carson, who was once a formidable opponent against Donald Trump, said Wednesday (March 2) he saw “no path forward” and would skip a debate Thursday in Detroit, which…