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Bevel CEO Tristan Walker Talks Growth, Regrets, And Combat Jack

With the launch of a new line of Bevel products, CEO Tristan Walker reflects on his company's career and shares memories with Combat Jack.

Bevel Launches LGBTQ ‘Black Love’ Campaign For Valentine’s Day

Bevel launched a campaign today (Feb. 8) celebrating the love of the underrepresented portion of the “black love” community. Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Bevel…

So Fresh, So Clean: Nas Partners With Bevel For Company’s Newest Trimmer

Calling all fellas: Bevel, the revolutionary shaving system designed specifically for men of color, is introducing a product recently added to their flourishing grooming…

Exclusive: Bevel Has Launched An Easy New Way To “Find Your Barber” Nationwide

Ask any woman who cares about the upkeep of her tresses how hard it is to find a trustworthy hairdresser when in a new area and the deep sighs will be nearly identical…