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Black History

Starr Andrews Becomes First Black US Figure Skater To Win Grand Prix Medal

The California skater placed second with an overall score of 191.26.

The Genius Of Virginia Hamilton: Celebrating A Literary Icon

The award-winning author was one of the most prolific writers in history.

What The Year 1619 Means To Me

Tupac Shakur biographer, Kevin Powell, reflects on the historic year and slavery 400 years later.

The Fight To Save Brooklyn’s Weeksville, A Black Historic Landmark, Continues

The original homes from the mid-19th century are in dire need of persevering. 

Kevin Hart To Star In TV Special To Teach His Daughter About Black Historical Figures

Unfortunately, a lot of Black history is lost among the younger generations. For instance, it wasn’t until Hidden Figures was released in theaters that many millennials…