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Black Lives Matter

Kanye West Lashes Out At Diddy Over Criticism Of ‘White Lives Matter’ Shirt

"Nobody gets in between me and my money," West told Diddy.

The NFL Makes Black National Anthem Performances Permanent As Part Of Social Justice Efforts

The league will also not stop players from taking a knee or otherwise protesting on-field during the U.S. national anthem.

Starbucks Under Fire For Banning Workers From Wearing Black Lives Matter Gear

The company sent out an internal memo reinforcing dress code restrictions.

Justice Department Will Not Charge Officer Who Killed Eric Garner

Tomorrow is the five-year anniversary of Garner's death.

Valedictorian Says Mic Was Cut Off After Mentioning Trayvon Martin In Speech

"My valedictorian speech was cut short because I said the names of black children who had become victims of police brutality."

Texas Officer Attempts To Arrest Wrong Man, Claiming He’s A Fugitive

Houston Deputy Garrett Lindley attempted to arrest Clarence Evans after he mistakenly identified him as a fugitive named Quentin.