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Bonsu Thompson

CIVIL WRITES: Pen Pal Paradox

I lost a lot of money in the last year. Many of y’all can relate. Lay-offs, work shortages and budget slashes hemorrhaged savings accounts. 401Ks were cashed out

CIVIL WRITES: Nightmares of Living Dead

I’ve got a confession: I have a strong dislike for people whom are content. To me contentment isn’t solely about satisfaction, much worse it smells of settlement. At the…

CIVIL WRITES: Restaurant Weak

Women are something else. And I mean that in every sense of the phrase. It’s why some men have spent entire lives searching for further understanding of their…

CIVIL WRITES: Savagery Lost in Translation

A Perfect ’10 Now that you’re oriented with the Civil Writes premise, I’d like us to begin this every Tuesday translation. Over t

Civil Writes: Savagery Lost In Translation

It is like a jungle more often than sometimes. Your office.Your neighborhood, your city, your world, the world of entertainment­­ –– they’re all wildflower…