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breast cancer

Former BET Host Ananda Lewis Shares That She Has Stage 3 Breast Cancer

“I have been fighting to get cancer out of my body for almost two years.”

Permanent Hair Dyes And Straighteners Linked To Breast Cancer, Black Women At Higher Risk

Medical study found link between breast cancer and hair products.  

NFL Player DeAngelo Williams Pays For Over 500 Mammograms

"To all the survivors and the ones that's going through it we love you. You're not alone."

Tuskegee Researchers Develop Test To Detect Aggressive Breast Cancer In Black Women

Researchers from Tuskegee University developed a new testing method to detect the most aggressive and fatal form of breast cancer in black women. The finding uncovered a…

A Connecticut Couple Weds 18 Hours Before The Bride Dies From Cancer

A Connecticut couple’s heart-breaking love story has gone viral. Heather Mosher, née Lindsay, 31, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015— a year and a half after she…

10 Year Old Raises $4K From A Bake Sale After Learning Of Her Mother’s Cancer Diagnosis

When 10-year-old Olivia Ohlson learned her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, she immediately sprung into action. The little girl began selling pink lemonade and…

Daddy Yankee Raising Money To Support Puerto Rican Breast Cancer Victims

Urban superstar Daddy Yankee announced Wednesday morning (Aug. 2) his partnership with Susan G. Komen Puerto Rico foundation to raise funds to benefit women with breast c…

Harlem Woman Undergoes Mastectomy Only To Learn She Didn’t Have Cancer

A Harlem woman was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, which resulted in her removing her left breast and undergoing additional surgeries to rectify…

Teen Creates Bra That Detects Early Signs Of Cancer

Scientists may still be on the hunt to find the cure for cancer, but this 18-year-old from Mexico just discovered a less-aggressive alternative to detecting the…