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Cam Newton

Cam Newton Shares Opinion On Women Who “Don’t Know When To Be Quiet”

The free-agent quarterback also expressed his desire to tell men to "start being men."

Cam Newton Launches Limited Edition Travel Bag With VINTA Supply Co.

As one of the most fashion-forward athletes in the world, the former NFL MVP is placing his stamp on a new travel accessory.

Cam Newton Says Practicing Celibacy Has Made His Mind Stronger

It might be the offseason for Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, but that doesn’t mean the game is over just yet. Part of his time off includes engaging in…

Cam Newton Apologizes For Sexist Comment Made During News Conference

Cam Newton landed in hot water with the masses earlier this week for his sexist comments aimed towards a woman sports reporter. According to ESPN, The Charlotte Observer

Cam Newton Slammed For Sexist Response To Reporter’s Question

Carolina Panthers player Cam Newton is under fire for a sexist response to a question asked by a women reporter during a news conference Wednesday (Oct. 4). According to…

Cam Newton Reveals He’s Part Mexican During NFL Outreach In Mexico

During an interview with Mexican sports outlet La Afición, Cam Newton was asked about his debut trip to Mexico, revealing that he was actually of Mexican descent. “[I’m]…

Cameron Newton Shares Touching Letter To Son, Chosen

Cameron Newton didn’t have the best season following up on his MVP and Super Bowl appearance last season, but he still has much to smile about. The 6’5″ Carolina…

Cam Newton Surprises Sick Young Fan Before Risky Surgery

Thanks to Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, 10-year-old Austin Deckard was given a gift he’ll never forget before going into a risky surgery for a severe heart…

Cam Newton Calls Out NFL Officials For Unfair Treatment

Cam Newton has held his tongue about debatably late or dirty hits he’s received over the course of his career. On Sunday (Oct. 30), the North Carolina Panthers