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Chris Darden

Chris Darden No Longer Representing Eric Holder Following Death Threats

Darden withdrew from the case amid death threats. 

Chris Darden’s Daughter Getting Harassed Over Nipsey Hussle Case

"I was not prepared for this backlash that has triggered bad memories from the O.J. Simpson Trial."

Meek Mill Calls Chris Darden A ‘House N***a’ For Representing Eric Holder

It was announced yesterday that Chris Darden, the prosecutor from the OJ Simpson trial, will be representing Eric Holder, the alleged killer of Nipsey Hussle. Social…

Kanye West Blasted Over Wearing ‘Free O.J.’ T-Shirt

  Thanks to FOX’s recent special, “If I Did It,” the media is talking about O.J. Simpson once again. While many seem to be split regarding Simpson’s guilt in the 1994…