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Clive Davis

Alicia Keys Debuts ‘More Myself: A Journey’ Book

The news arrives a day after Keys’ recent single “Underdog” reached the No. 1 spot on the iTunes chart.

Diddy Reinvents His Mantra “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” For Another Decade Of Innovation

"I never thought that I would get to this point right here where my peers would honor me."

Gladys Knight Attributes Her Ageless Beauty To Good Genes And Clean Living…Nothing Else

Gladys Knight caused the Internet to collectively clutch its pearls when she stepped out for Clive Davis’ annual Grammy party last month. Now, as the saying goes “black d…

Aretha Franklin Handpicks Jennifer Hudson To Star In Her Upcoming Biopic

During Clive Davis’ annual pre-Grammy party, the former CEO and founder of Arista and J. Records  announced two of his closest friends would soon be working together. As

Clive Davis Documentary ‘Soundtrack Of Our Lives’ To Open At The Tribeca Film Festival

Record Executive Clive Davis has single handedly launched the careers of many of today’s biggest artists, and while he’s relatively stayed behind the scenes, the…

High School Students Can Study To Become “Future Music Moguls” For Free

NYU’s outstanding program, Future Music Moguls, is a twelve-week workshop designed to introduce 16 talented high school freshmen, sophomores, and juniors to the basics…

Whitney Houston’s First Live Album to Be Released

Though Whitney Houston is gone, the man who discovered her is making sure she lives on through her music. Record executive Clive Davis revealed yesterday (Sept. 16) on…

Clive Davis Reveals New Whitney Houston Album In The Works

While planning his annual pre-Grammy party, Clive Davis sat down with the Los Angeles Times for an interview to discuss his many ventures. At the top of the list was a…