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Colin Farrell

Steve McQueen Talks ‘Widows’ And The Importance Of Inclusivity

Director Steve McQueen proved in 2013 African-American actors are capable of leading films and breaking the box office. With his Academy Award-winning 12 years of Slave

17 Celebrities With An [Alleged] Sex Tape

What you do in the privacy of your bedroom is your business unless it’s a sex tape that gets leaked. Tapes of celebrities doing the do equal notoriety, more fame or…

Actress Reveals All The Hollywood Men She’s Had Sex With…And Its Over 30

It’s safe to say Hollywood is where the thots reside. Troubled actress <a title="Oprah Tells Lindsay Lohan to 'Cut the Bullsh*t' in Doc Series Preview [Video]"…

Paula Patton & Colin Farrell Rumored To Star In ‘World Of Warcraft’ Movie

Robin Thicke’s main squeeze looks to capitalize on her role in Baggage Claim with a role that could potentially make her the Princess Leia for a new nerd…

5 Reasons You Should Skip ‘Dead Man Down’

An American neo-noir crime thriller written by J.H. Wyman, Dead Man Down marks the shoreside debut of Danish director Niels Arden Oplev. Colin Farrell and Noomi Rapace…

4 Reasons Hollywood’s Cleopatra Isn’t Black (Pg. 2)

4. Classic historical period films are very risky, so studios try to cast the best bet Ask