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10 Great Movies By Standup Comedians

There was a time (and it really wasn’t that long ago) when Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Robin Williams, and other comedians were better known for their…

10 Comedians Who’ve Beefed With Rappers

A successful comedian has to be willing to poke fun at anyone. That includes notoriously thin-skinned rappers. So we weren’t surprised to hear Chris Rock crack multiple…

Did Paul Mooney Go Too Far With His Boston Comments?

The discussion about Paul Mooney’s tasteless ‘joke’ about the recent Boston bombing have hit the ether. Was he just being a crass comedian? Or did he take it too…

Guest Editor Bill Bellamy Co-Signs Comedy’s Up-And-Coming Talent

Comedians keep in good company. Guest editor Bill Bellamy provides us with his funniest referrals.