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Amoeba Records Launches Go Fund Me Campaign To Survive COVID-19 Outbreak

The Bay Area landmark is in fear of permanently closing its doors.

Birdman Offers To Pay Rent For Residents In His Old Neighborhood

The Cash Money CEO is offering to help Uptown New Orleans during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Kenyan Governor Criticized For Adding Hennessy Bottles To Coronavirus Care Packages

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko claims that alcohol helps fight off “the rona.”  

Colin Kaepernick Donates $100,000 To COVID-19 Relief Efforts For Black And Brown Communities

“Black and brown communities are being disproportionally devastated by Covid-19 because of hundreds of years of structural racism.”

R. Kelly Makes Second Attempt At Getting Out Of Jail Due To Pandemic

The Chicago native's attorney filed another motion that could potentially get him released.

Michigan Woman Loses Her Husband And Son To Coronavirus Within 3 Days

“There’s not even a word created to describe my pain.”

NBA Star Karl-Anthony Towns’ Mother Dies From COVID-19 Complications

Minnesota Timberwolves star Karl-Anthony Towns' mother, Jacqueline Towns, died after a month of battling COVID-19.

Vocalist Ceybil Jefferies, Also Known As Sweet Sable, Has Died From Coronavirus

The singer is known for her hits such as "Something Special" and "Old Times Sake."

Naomi Campbell Condemns COVID-19 Testing On Africans During Diddy’s Dance-A-Thon

"We will not be tested on, we will not be guinea pigs," the supermodel said.