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cosmetic surgery

Claudia Jordan Gets Rid Of Corns And Hammertoes With Cosmetic Feet Surgery

"It's going to help my confidence and it's also one less thing the social media bullies have on me."

Florida Mother Of Two Dead Following BBL Surgery

"They politely grabbed me and said, 'Your daughter is dead,'" her mother told local news.

Doja Cat Confirms Upcoming Breast Augmentation

"I just want my titties pulled up," tweeted the "Kiss Me More" artist.

Woman Left Brain Damaged After Cosmetic Surgery Weeks Before Her Wedding

A Georgia woman who was set to be married was left brain damaged after receiving cosmetic surgery a few weeks earlier. Icilma Cornelius, 54, went to the medical spa and c…

Tyra Banks Comes Clean About Cosmetic Surgery

Tyra Banks is opening up about the cosmetic surgery she had done early on in her modeling career. The supermodel spoke to People about her past nose job, stating her…

Plastic Surgery-Loving Stars Who Could be Immortalized as Plastic Dolls

Brazilian model Celso Santebanes has had four major cosmetic surgeries—on his jaw, chin, and nose and silicone implants in his chest—all in a bid to look more like his…

Kanye’s West’s Late Mom Inspires Medical Law In Cali

Its been nearly two years ago since Donda West, the mother of rap superstar Kanye West, died at the age of 58 as a result of complications from a cosmetic surgical…