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Datwon Thomas

Scotch Porter Taps VIBE Editor-In-Chief Datwon Thomas For ‘Dare To Care’ Campaign

In conjunction with Father's Day, the grooming brand has selected a group of notable men for their latest wellness initiative.

Syreeta Gates Is Looking To Preserve Hip-Hop Journalism History With ‘Write On!’ Doc

Syreeta Gates not only loves hip-hop, but loves those who helped mold the foundation of hip-hop journalism. Just seconds into her upbeat and passionate Kickstarter…

VIBE Editor-In-Chief Datwon Thomas Shares Life And Career Stories On ‘A Waste of Time’ Podcast

ItsTheReal recently invited VIBE editor-in-chief Datwon Thomas over for the latest episode of their A Waste of Time podcast. Consider this a guide to everything you…

Then And Now: The Complexities Of Hip-Hop Journalism’s Changing Landscape

Journalism as we know it has changed. Thanks to convergence and ever-evolving technological advances, newspapers and magazines are phasing out. In addition, writers have…

VIBE’s Editor In Chief Reminisces On The Impact Of “Dear Mama”

Dear Mama, I can’t even listen to that song sometimes because it’s so powerful. Pac caught the essence of what every young black male in the hood goes through in a…

Recap: Howard University’s ‘Legendary’ Homecoming

From Oct. 17 to 21, Howard University’s campus was transformed into a catwalk, career fair, concert venue and family cookout all at the same damn time. Howard Homecoming