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Don Cheadle

Marvel Studios’ ‘Armor Wars’ Starring Don Cheadle Upgraded To Film Release

The project has been upgraded from a Disney+ project to a feature film.

‘White Noise,’ Starring André 3000, Don Cheadle, And Jodie Turner-Smith, Gets Premiere Date

The film is an apparent story of hope amid "absurdity, horror, and madness."

Don Cheadle Slated For Upcoming ‘Space Jam 2’ Movie

It's not yet clear which role Cheadle will assume for the 2021 movie.

‘Black Monday’ Becomes A Dramedy As Its World Flips Upside Down: Episode 9 Recap

Blair was Mo’s mirror in episode “295.” In this week’s episode, he internalizes Mo’s qualities, and now the reflection wants to take over the original’s life, like a…

‘Black Monday’ Explores Mo’s Backstory With Narration Of ’60s Soul Music: Episode 8 Recap

For seven episodes, we got glimpses into the past that molded Mo into the savage trader he is. Episode “7042” finally takes us closer to his origin, and apparently, that…

‘Black Monday’ Plays With Its Conventions And Tackles Race

There’s a beautiful sort of symmetry that makes this episode a hallmark of the Black Monday universe. The same way Blair was a mirror for Mo’s life flaws in episode…

‘Black Monday’ Puts Self-Identity Against The Truth: Episode 6 Recap

On Black Monday, identity can either make or break you. In order to mask his homosexuality in Jammer Group’s aggressively heterosexual environment, Keith buys his…

‘Black Monday’ Races Closer To The Collapse: Episode 5 Recap

After five episodes, episode “243” marks the midway point of Black Monday‘s 10-episode first season and the pacing is noticeably quicker. The first three episodes…

‘Black Monday’ Recap: Mo Feels The Weight Of Playing God

Another week, another dive into Black Monday. In this week’s episode, “295,” Mo tries to salvage his plan to get the Georgina company’s shares after Blair and Tiffany…