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Donald Trump

Isaac Hayes’ Estate Threatens To Sue Donald Trump For Unauthorized Music Usage

Trump used Sam & Dave's "Hold On, I'm Comin'" - co-written by Hayes - during a campaign rally.

Donald Trump Mar-A-Lago Home Raided, Twitter Reacts

The former president's Florida residence was the FBI's target on Monday (August 8).

DaBaby Is Now A Trump Supporter: “I Need Him To Get My Cousin Out”

The North Carolina-based rapper mentioned Kodak Black as the sole reason for his allegiance.

Viral TikTok Creator Explains Ukraine-Russia Conflict In A Way We Can All Understand

"Big Bank P [President Vladimir Putin] was lookin' at Ukraine and he was like, 'Hmm I like that territory. It's like real close to Russia," she explained.

Lil Wayne Allegedly Threatens Bodyguard With AR-15 Over Leaked Photos

Wayne was previously facing up to ten years in federal prison on a weapons charge, but was pardoned by former President Donald Trump this past January.

Cardi B Says She’s Been Bullied Out Of Speaking On Politics

The Bronx native reveals why she hasn't been talking about the subject matter.

Donald Trump’s Twitter Account Permanently Suspended

The outgoing POTUS has also been blocked from Facebook and Instagram.

Photographer Mel D. Cole Captures The Madness of The Capitol Hill Raid

In the fire pit of rage, Mel D. Cole documents the wild mob that took over Capitol Hill.

Washington D.C. Under Curfew After Rioters Swarm Capitol Building

Donald Trump helped incite the violence via social media.