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Jump-Start Your Dove Body Wash Spa Day With These 14 Self-Care Jams

You time will reign supreme thanks to Dove's new formulated moisture renew blend.

Ursula Stephen Debunks Natural Hair Myths With Dove’s DermaCare Line

The celebrity hairstylist is here to bless us with haircare gems.

Kelly Rowland Uses “Crown” To Bring Hair Goals To The Forefront

In August 2018, news of two middle school girls by the names of Tyrielle Davis and Faith Fennidy who were sent home for wearing hair extensions to their Catholic

Drink Water, Mind Your Business: Dr. Rosemarie Ingleton Debunks Skincare Myths

The celeb-frequented dermatologist gets to the root of healthy skin, how her practice goes hand-in-hand with therapy, and why her black doesn’t crack. Raise your…

Dascha Polanco Joins Dove To Mentor New York City Girls On Body Positivity

According to Dove, eight in 10 girls who dislike their physical appearance avoid social interaction or classroom participation to keep from having to do things such…

Wait, WTF: The 34 Bad, Confusing And Sad Moments Of 2017

With 2017 coming to an end, VIBE thought now would be the perfect time to take a look back at the moments that made us scratch our heads in confusion, shake our heads in…

Dove Apologizes For Latest Soap Ad, An Insult To Black Women

A now-deleted Facebook ad for Dove body wash, depicting a looping image of a black woman removing her brown shirt to then be revealed as a white woman in a light shirt…

Here’s How Beyonce’s Stylist, Zerina Akers, Nudged Me To Be A Bolder Dresser

Solange Knowles is the type of woman who looks like she came out of the womb born to be a Pinterest board style staple. Not because of the clothes provided by Ms. Tina…

Shonda Rhimes And Dove Are Aiming To Visually Narrate Women’s Definitions Of Beauty

Shonda Rhimes and Dove have joined forces in creating a production company called Real Beauty Productions, designed to showcase the endless ways in which women of color…