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Lupe Fiasco’s Samurai Skills Are A1

Lupe Fiasco’s love for martial arts will come in handy when things start going left in the world. Over the weekend, the musician displayed his skills on social media…

Lupe Fiasco Surprises Fans With ‘DROGAS Light’ Album Feat.Rick Ross, Ty Dolla $ign & More

New York City may have cancelled all public schools today due to the blizzard, but with a new Lupe Fiasco album, students can get all the education they need. Finally…

Lupe Fiasco Bids Final Farewell To Music, Cancels Release Of ‘Drogas’ Albums

Lupe Fiasco’s woes over the direction of his thought-provoking catalog have returned, causing the artist to announce his departure from music. His announcement via

Lupe Fiasco Teases First Of Album Trilogy With “Conversation #1”

Not too long ago, Lupe Fiasco promised fans three new albums, Drogas, Skulls, and Roy, and now it looks likes he’s following through on that promise. The Chicago rapper…