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Woman Who Called Michelle Obama An “Ape” Sentenced For Defrauding FEMA

Pamela Taylor reportedly embezzled $18,000 from FEMA, alleging her home had been damaged by a flood. 

Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert Respond To Donald Trump’s Claims About Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria lashed out on Puerto Rico in late 2017, killing a reported estimate of 3,000 people and depleting this U.S.A. territory of its resources. In recent…

Puerto Rican Youth To March On Washington As FEMA Ends Aid 6 Months After Hurricane Maria

Last September, Hurricane Maria ravaged the already economically-devastated island of Puerto Rico, leaving 300,000 displaced and 500,000 with no electricity to date…

FEMA: We Won’t Cut Off Aid to Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September 2017 leaving many without water, electricity, and access to telecommunications. In the worst cases, there were immediate…

Donald Trump Threatens To Pull Emergency Responders From Puerto Rico

Donald Trump threatened to pull emergency responders from Puerto Rico Thursday (Oct. 12), after slamming their “disastrous” infrastructure and electricity sources in the…

Well Isn’t This Is Great: FEMA Reportedly May Run Out Of Funds This Weekend

As Hurricane Irma makes its way to Florida, it’s being reported the Federal Emergency Management Agency may soon run out cash to help those affected by the Category 5…

Apparently, There’s A Waffle House Test That FEMA Uses In Disasters

Who knew the Southern cultural icon was being used as a barometer for how well an area will recover from a hurricane, tornado or other hazard? According to USA Today