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Snoop Dogg And Master P Rename Their Cereal Brand Following ‘Snoop Loopz’ Controversy

"They thought it was over," Master P said of he and Snoop's infiltration of the cereal game.

Snoop Dogg Releases THC Infused Onion Chips

His new snack is in partnership with snack company Tsumo.

Jay-Z Invests $16.5 Million In Robotic Pizza Startup

Stellar Pizza's robotic machine can produce up to 420 pizzas before being restocked.

Ciara Partners With Instacart For Healthy Food Initiative

"My family and I live by the saying 'health is wealth' and we know much of that starts with what we eat."

Snoop Dogg Is Launching His Own Line Of Breakfast Food

Momma Snoop Breakfast Foods will offer grits, oatmeal, maple syrup, and a pancake mix.

Kelis Reportedly Buys A Farm To Cultivate Her Own Produce

Kelis is a woman of many talents, and her prowess in the kitchen is not to be messed with. The 38-year-old artist and chef even made an album in 2014 titled Food, laced…

Oprah And Kraft Heinz Are Creating An Affordable Healthy Food Line

Oprah Winfrey and Kraft Heinz Company have joined forces to create a line of refrigerated comfort food called O, That’s Good!, CNN Money reports. Four soups and four…

Join #TheMixer For A Cocktail 101 Class With Gourmet Eats On The Side

Culinary company TastemakersNYC and the liquor infused Whiskey Frenz team have joined forces in creating #TheMixer, an event which interpolates the art of cooking and…

Someone Bought A $10,000 Burger In Dubai To Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Spending more than $5 or $10 for a burger might not be the move for the financially troubled, but those engaged in an auction in Dubai had no qualms spending racks on…