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Freddie Gibbs

The 30 Best Albums of 2019

Hip-hop dominated, R&B innovated, and international artists broke through in 2019.

Freddie Gibbs Supports Jay-Z’s NFL Deal While Dismissing Colin Kaepernick

On Monday (Aug. 19), rapper Freddie Gibbs recorded a video message expressing his stance.

Freddie Gibbs Has Nothing To Hide With ‘Bandana’

Gangsta Gibbs touches on 'Bandana,' leaving the streets and cementing his legacy with 'Montana.'

Freddie Gibbs Aces Nadeska’s Spelling Bee With Flying Colors

Freddie Gibbs is one funny bunny. The rapper showcased his many talents with Apple Music’s Nadeska Alexis, including his love for spelling. Chatting with Nadeska Friday…

Stream Phonte’s Long Awaited Sophomore Album ‘No News Is Good News’

After VH-1’s “The Breaks” was prematurely ousted from the network, Phonte Coleman finally found the time to complete his highly anticipated album No News Is Good News

Freddie Gibbs Gets Back To Work On “The Wave”

Freddie Gibbs is moving things into overdrive as he unleashes new material to close out the year. Teaming up with Parisian producer FEYNMAN, the Midwest rapper fires a…

Freddie Gibbs Relives His Darkest Times In “Andrea” (Video)

Freddie Gibbs has overcome many overwhelming obstacles this year, enough to break the average man. The Gary, Indiana native hasn’t been the same since facing and beating…

Freddie Gibbs Remembers Funny Uncle Big Time Watts After His Passing

Freddie Gibbs’ hilarious uncle, whom appeared in a majority of his music projects and social media posts throughout the years, reportedly passed away in Mar. 2017 from…

Freddie Gibbs Breaks Silence On Sexual Assault Case And Bears His Soul On ‘The Therapist’

After a nightmarish year and a half of being falsely accused of sexual assault in Austria, and almost losing his career and freedom behind it, Freddie Gibbs has finally…