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Jim Jones Accuses Gucci Employees Of Racial Profiling And Poor Service

According to the rapper, all he wanted was a customary glass of champagne.

Dapper Dan Talks Lack Of Black-Owned Luxury Fashion Brands, Gucci Boycott

The fashion legend sat down with 'The Breakfast Club.'

T.I. Scolds Man For Wearing Gucci Amid Blackface Scandal

"I'm fly as a motherf**ker and I ain't got that sh*t on."

For $900 American Dollars, You Can Own A Pair Of Pre-Dirtied Gucci Sneakers

Fresh off of their announcement that they’ll be working on creating programming to implement diversity and inclusion, Gucci will be selling intentionally scuffed-up and…

Gucci And Dapper Dan Announce $5M Programming Aimed At Diversity And Inclusion

February was a difficult month for luxury brand Gucci. The legendary fashion house pulled a balaclava sweater from physical and online stores that many deemed…

Dapper Dan Defends Decision To Meet With Gucci

Gucci’s latest initiatives to eliminate their cultural ignorance were helped brought together by Dapper Dan, a decision that has left the designer at throws of critics…

50 Cent Calls Out Floyd Mayweather For Gucci Support

Earlier this month, Gucci came under scrutiny for promoting a sweater that mimicked blackface. Since the downfall in terms of consumers like T.I. and Soulja Boy…

Dapper Dan Plans To Hold Gucci “Accountable” For Insensitive Designs

In the wake of Gucci’s blackface scandal that caused widespread outrage, Dapper Dan, who has been working with the luxury brand since 2017, has made it his mission to…

Soulja Boy To Remove Gucci Face Tattoo Amid Blackface Controversy

"I spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions, over the last two years on the brand so it's like I feel so disrespected by them."