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Doja Cat Feels “Beautiful, Fresh, And Sexy” With New Bald Look

"I have never felt more beautiful in my entire life, which is very strange."

Alicia Keys And Ellen DeGeneres Donate $20,000 To College-Bound Teen Who Was Asked To Cut Locs

The 18-year-old was told by his school to cut his locs in order to attend his graduation ceremony or face suspension.

Wisconsin Teacher Allegedly Rips Braids Out Of Student’s Head

Madison Metropolitan School District in Madison, Wis. reportedly put one of their teachers on leave after he allegedly pushed and ripped three braids out of an…

Discrimination Based On Hair Can Result In A $250K Penalty In NYC

New York City’s Commission on Human Rights will reveal guidelines later this week for the legal recourse a person can take if they’ve been targeted at work, school or a…

NYC Hair Stylist Throws Client Through Window After Complaint

A Brooklyn hair stylist reportedly threw their client through the window for complaining about his haircut, the New York Daily News reports. The publication says that…

Woman Uses Her Mugshot To Advertise Hairstyling Business

A North Carolina hairstylist has seen a major uptick in interest after used her mugshot to advertise her business on Twitter. According to the Charlotte Observer, Shia…

Banana Republic Dismisses Black Employee’s Box Braids As “Urban And Unkempt”

A black Banana Republic employee is calling out her place of business for their comments about her “urban unkempt” box braids, which her white manager deemed…