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New Strain Of HIV Detected By Scientists

This discovery might affect the way doctors test for HIV.

California To Allow Pharmacies To Sell HIV Prevention Drugs Without A Prescription

"I applaud the Legislature for taking action to expand access to these treatments and getting us close to ending HIV and AIDS for good."

Georgia Woman Lies, Says She Has HIV To Get Back At Ex Boyfriends

Brandi Yakeima Lasiter took to Facebook to create a minute-long video alleging she has HIV and knowingly infected past lovers as a means of revenge.

Georgia Woman Says She Lied About Infecting Men With HIV

Brandi Lasiter went viral for a Facebook Live rant that caught police attention. 

‘As Much As I Can’ Examines The Health And Humanity Of HIV Positive Black Gay Men

My first encounter with HIV/AIDS came by way of Pedro from The Real World: San Franciso. I was about seven or eight years old when the beloved MTV reality show truly…

‘Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS’ Chronicles Black Women’s Silent Plight With HIV/AIDS

Nothing Without Us: The Women Who Will End AIDS, directed by Harriet Hirshorn, thoroughly examines the lives of the many black women who have been disproportionately…

Georgia Representative Asks If There’s A Legal Way To Quarantine Those Infected With HIV

A Republican Georgia lawmaker and anesthesiologist has come under fire over comments made in which she questioned the legal measures that can be taken to quarantine…

Elementary School Students Tested For HIV, Hepatitis After Classmate Sticks Them With Needle

14 students at Cabrillo Elementary School in California are being tested for diseases such as HIV and Hepatitis after a classmate reportedly stuck them with a diabetic…

Ohio Man Charged With Murder After Mistress Dies From AIDS

Ronald Murdock of Toledo, Ohio, has been charged with the murder of his mistress, after his failure to disclose his HIV status led to her contracting the disease and her…