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Texas Officer Attempts To Arrest Wrong Man, Claiming He’s A Fugitive

Houston Deputy Garrett Lindley attempted to arrest Clarence Evans after he mistakenly identified him as a fugitive named Quentin.

Car Reported Stolen In Case Of Missing 4-Year-Old Girl Found In Texas Parking Lot

The child's stepfather has been named a “person of interest.”

Trae The Truth Leads Rescue Efforts For Houston Flood Victims

"We're grabbing the families and transporting them through the areas that have water to get them home."

Houston High School Bans Leggings, Silk Bonnets And Pajamas For Parents

A Houston high school’s strict dress code policy for parents has drawn accusations of classism and elitism from the public. ABC13 Houston reports the dress code for…

Shooting Attack On Black Family At Walmart Leaves 7-Year-Old Girl Dead

A black Houston family inside a Walmart parking lot was attacked by a string of bullets on Sunday (Dec. 30), which led to the death of 7-year-old Jazmine Barnes, The…

Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival Might Return To Houston In 2019

From rap music’s present chart-toppers like Lil’ Wayne and Drake to old school artists like Ice T, rappers continue to form their own festivals for the culture. That’s…

Houston Man Who Organized America’s First MLK Parade Passes Away

Ovide Duncantell was described by friends and loved ones as a man who possessed an unwavering conviction in his beliefs, and as a member of the Civil Rights movements…

Father Approaches Son’s Bully With Compassion, Discovers His Family Is Homeless

A Houston father decided to get to the root of a child’s decision to bully his son. According to ABC13, Aubrey Fontenot was initially angry when he learned that his…

Angry Jack In The Box Customer Tells Worker To ‘Buy A Ticket Back To Mexico’

In a video of a heated exchange over a coupon, an angry customer told a Jack in the Box to “buy [herself] a ticket back to Mexico.” A video of the incident, which was…