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Niecy Nash Teamed Up With IHOP Because “Who Doesn’t Love Pancakes?”

The actress talks joining the restaurant chain's latest campaign, family and food, and more.

LOL: Twitter Hilariously Reacts To IHOP’s Name Change

Last week, the Internet was buzzing over restaurant chain IHOP‘s announcement that they would be flipping their famous ‘p’ into a mysterious ‘b.’ While the pancake house

Maine IHOP Apologizes, Denies Discrimination After Black Teens Were Told To Prepay For Food

An IHOP location in Auburn, Maine announced that its temporary closing to retrain employees after a group of black teens were made to prepay for their food. According to…

IHOP Waiter Fired For Giving Away Free Drinks, Calls Himself The Modern Day Robin Hood

Some good deeds just don’t work in the corporate world. A waiter employed at an IHOP in Brooklyn, NY, was arrested and charged with felony grand larceny and possession…

Racist Woman Attacks Latina Mom At IHOP: “The Nazis Are Here!”

An older white woman spewed a barrage of bigotry at a Latina mom upon hearing her speak Spanish inside an IHOP establishment. READ: Mexican Singer Slams Donald Trump, Co…

On Fleek? Food Brands That Used Rap Slang To Flourish

Are food brands getting a bad rap for trying to be down? A few scrolls through Twitter show that Taco Bell, Denny’s Diner and iHop have all said their food items are “on…