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Donald Trump Pardoned A U.S. Soldier Who Killed An Iraqi Prisoner

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Michael Behenna demonstrated excellent behavior while in prison.

President Trump Signs Updated Travel Ban Into Executive Order

Forty-five signed a revised executive order restricting immigration access to the United States from six countries Monday (March 6). Iraq was noticeably dropped from the…

Lloyd Banks Talks Hip-Hop x Justin Bieber, Iraq & Lauryn Hill (Pg. 2)

With Kanye, Raekwon and Justin Bieber recently teaming up for a remix, we asked Banks his thoughts on Hip-Hop artists collaborating with pop sensations. “I would…

Lloyd Banks Speaks On ‘Hunger For More 2’, Lauryn Hill & Obama Ending Combat In Iraq

Lloyd Banks is feeling like a new artist. Despite releasing freshman album The Hunger For More in ’04, the G-Unit under boss has a new vision for his solo career. With a…